Molvi Tamezuddin Khan ka Muqadma
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 By:Syed Sami Ahmed
 Binding:Paper Back
 Price:Rs. 195/=
    Molvi Tamezuddin Khan ka Muqadma
 Book:Molvi Tamezuddin Khan ka Muqadma
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    Pakistan Ka Syasi Irtika aur Fauj ka Kirdar
 Description: NOW IN URDU VERSION-- To the meagre knowledgeable literature on the role of the army and the judiciary by a Pakistani author, Syed Sami Ahmad’s book makes a valuable and refreshingly lucid addition, chronicling the major landmarks and landslides in Pakistan’s turbulent history. The book should have been entitled as an account of Pakistan’s judicial failure and the military muddle in war and peace. Except for a rapid survey of the Ayub and the Yahya periods the book says nothing about the catastrophic Zia period, the Musharraf period marked for its sweeping constitutional engineering to secure a permanent power base for the military establishment within a (quasi) democratic set-up. An eminent lawyer and a former president of the Karachi Bar Association, the author uses his vast experience and knowledge of the circumstances forcing the judiciary to cast the first stone at the glasshouse of the budding Pakistani democracy with telling relevance. The naked and repeated military interventions to upset the democratic process drew their legitimacy from the higher judiciary’s resort to the doctrine of necessity
 Book:Pakistan Ka Syasi Irtika aur Fauj ka Kirdar
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