History of Multan - From the Early Period to 1849 A.D.
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 By:Dr. A M Khan Durrani
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 650/=
Description: In this book, Professor Durrani traces the origins of Multan in pre-historic times when it was the centre of Hindu civilization to its development under the Arabs as a culture of Muslim civilization the northern part of South Asia. He also sheds light on the Central Asian saints who migrated to Multan and helped convert the ‘infidels’ to Islam by the force of their message and personalities.  
 About The Author:
Professor Dr. Ashiq Muhammad Khan Durrani – a scholar of high caliber and distinguished educationist. He had an outstanding academic career and his life was marked with devotion to promoting education. Having a distinct record of educational attainments in the faculties of arts and social sciences at the Bahauddin Zakarya University.



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