God and Man in the Qur'an - Semantics of the Qur'anic Weltanschauung
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 By:Toshiihiko Izutsu
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Description: THIS book coming from the pen of the first serious Japanese scholar on Islam discovers the substantive structure of Qur’anic teaching in a fourfold relationship between God and man viz., (i) God is the creator of man (ii) he communicates His will to man through Revelation (iii)there subsists a Lord -servant relationship between God and man and (iv) the concept of God as the God of goodness and mercy(for those who are thankful to him) and the God of wrath (for those who reject Him) Dr izutsu’s description of the historical evolution of these concepts in pre-Islamic Arabia up to the appearance of Islam is quite rich and valuable. Combining the tools and method of semantics and the insight and vision of true philosophy professor izutsu has made a fascinating excursus into the Islamic world-vies as enshrined in te Qur’an Deploying a wide range of martial God and man in the Qur’an presents us with an inspiring example of the thematic approach to Qur’anic exegesis.  
 About The Author:
Toshihiko izutsu (1914-1993) Born in Tokyo he graduated form keio University , Tokyo He taught at keio University (1954-1968) and at institute of Islamic studies McGraw - university (montrel, Canada) and the Royal institute of the study of philosophy (Iran) he was professor Emeritus of keio University and a member of Japan Academy he also translated the Qur’an into Japanese his other works include (in English) the structure of the ethical terms in the Koran the concepts of belief in Islam theology Ethico –Religious Concepts in the Qur’an A Comparative study of the key philosophical concepts in Sufism and Taoism (2 volumes ) and the concepts and Reality of Existence (in Japanese) history of Islamic thought ,Mystical philosophy (2 volumes) Islamic culture consciousness and Essence Cosmos and anti Cosmos and other



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