Islam Without Fear - Egypt and the New Islamists
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 By:Raymond William Baker
 Binding:Paper Back
 Price:Rs. 550/=
Description: FOR the last several decades an influential group of Egyptian scholars and public intellectuals has been having a profound effect in the Islamic world Raymond bake roofers a compelling portrait of this new Islamizes Islamic scholars lawyers judges and journalists who provide the moral and intellectual foundations for a more fully realized Islamic community open to the world and with full rights of active citizenship for women and non- Muslims. The new Islamizes have a record of constructive engagement in Egyptian public life balanced by an unequivocal critique of the excesses of Islamism extremists baker shows how the new Islamizes are translating their thinking in to action in education and the arts economics and social life and politics and foreign relations despite an authoritarian political environment.  
 About The Author:
Raymond William Baker is professor of international politics at trinity college and Adjunct professor at the American University in Cair



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