Small Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries
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 By:Dr. Asghar S. Nasir
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 495/=
Description: The formal economic principles must give way at some point to a value judgement. In considering each problem, you will have to exercise own judgement on a set of questions. What crucial policy issues is the problem? How can they be resolved? What course of action may be preferable? The first priority has been given in this book to those management areas which seem to be lacking techniques for yield out puts by more sophisticated techniques to diagnose problems and then some answers to facilitate institutions to assist small entrepreneurs. Today, the question of what services, if any governments should or should not provide is still seen by contradictory policy.  
 About The Author:
AUTHOR was born in India in 1928He is an industrial Engineer and Economist studied in England and USA He spend over 25 years working in lees developed countries on various technical Aid projects supported by United Nations Development progromme UNDP as the chief technical Advisor and country Director He also worked under Bilateral Aid programmers in developing countries He has been dealing with various management problems and their application to industries National Development plans Development strategies and cross sector issues for economic reforms in developing countrie



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