Mohammad Ali Jinnah The Architect of Pakistan
Book Image
 By:Professor Ziauddin Ahmad
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 450/=
Description: THE Book Mohammad Ali Jinnah the Architect of Pakistan pays a memorable tribute to the supreme statesmanship of the towering personality it systematically discusses how the selfless leader united the discordant elements of the Muslims under the banner of the Muslim league within a very short period of seven years and achieved for them a separate homeland.  
 About The Author:
Professor Ziauddin Ahmed is a distinguished Pakistan philosopher historian and a man of letters He was born on December 25 1913 and obtained his Master’s Degrees from the universities of Aligarh and Allahabad He received his early education from his grandfather Allama Moyhuddin Ahmed Jafri an outstanding scholar and professor of Arabic and Persian literature university of Allahabad and from his father Hafiz Sirajuddin Ahmed Editor the Reformer Allahaba



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