Ruttie-Jinnah Life and Love
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 By:Shagufta Yasmeen
 Binding:Paper Back
 Price:Rs. 300/=
Description: I had been striving to write a book on this topic ever since my involvement with my children my stay in UAE and my pre-occupation with my job kept me away i might have shelved the idea for the time being but it was always in my mind and on the constant insistence of my parents I embarked on my arduous task of compiling the first book on Ruttie Jinnah in English it was ironic to find out how little is available on Ruttie Wife of the great leader and founder of Pakistan.  
 About The Author:
Ms. shagufta Yasmeen is a Masters in English Literature After completion of her studies she embarked upon her career i.e. Teaching and side by side starting contributing articles on various topics in different dailies and periodicals of Karachi she has been teaching English literature/ language for well over twenty years Having started her teaching career from sir Syed Girls College Karachi in 197



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