EUROPE and the MUSLIM WORLD - Coexistence or Conflict?
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 By:Shahid M. Amin
 Binding:Paper Back
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Description: With the sharp growth of differences between the Western world and Muslims in general, at the dawn of the 21st century, many people are wondering if the world is heading towards a disastrous clash of civilizations. Islamophobia in the West and Al-Qaeda-type terrorism in the Muslim world are no longer confined to the lunatic fringes. But is it true that Europe is on the way to becoming Eurabia? On the other hand, are Muslims justified in thinking that the West has already launched a new Crusade against them and the Muslim countries are being targeted one by one? This book seeks to examine the current and historical causes of the deep divide between Europe and the Muslim world. It is argued that, essentially, the problem is one of lack of confidence, even deep distrust, between the two sides, resulting from hundreds of years of armed confrontation in Europe and the Near East. With the increasing role of the media in shaping public opinion, the atmosphere has been vitiated by those propagating hate and resorting to sensationalism in the news coverage. To overcome differences between the two sides, it is necessary to examine dispassionately the root causes of tension, the grievances, misgivings and distortions that keep them apart. A careful perusal of the record shows that over the centuries, Muslims have made a great input to the progress of human civilization. They carried the torch of learning while Europe was lost in the Dark Ages.  
 About The Author:
Ambassador Shahid M. Amin spent much of his 40 year long diplomatic career in the west and Russia and brings a deep insight in this carefully –researched study of the past and present relationship between Europe and the Muslim world. Since retirement he has been involved in teaching writing and discussing current international issues various forums.



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