Subhe Sadiq - Kudh Nawesht Sawani-e-Hayat
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 By:Subhe Sadiq Hamid
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 600/=
 About The Author:
Subhe sadiq (my first name) is an Urdu phrase which means the first light of the day and is equivalent of the word DAWN in English the title of my memoirs thus has a relationship with my nam
    The Sunrise - An Autobiography
 Description: I started writing short stories in Urdu when I was a college student. I felt greatly encouraged when a couple of my stories were published in a leading magazine of Lahore the stories were also highly appreciated by some leading lights of story writers seeing my name in print thrilled me no end that is when I was bugged with the idea of becoming a writer this was year 1950.
 Book:The Sunrise - An Autobiography
Book Image
    Subhe Sadiq - Kudh Nawesht Sawani-e-Hayat
 Book:Subhe Sadiq - Kudh Nawesht Sawani-e-Hayat
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