Marriage & Morals Rebuttal to Bertrand Russell
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 By:W.H. Jeoffrey
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 300/=
Description: Bertrand Russell a non-conformist philosopher describes in his book “Marriage & Morals” that Christian ethics inevitably through the emphasis laid upon sexual virtue did a great deal to degrade the position of women since the moralist were men women appeared as the temptress if they had been women man would have this role and further added on page 129 that a society.  
 About The Author:
THE authors have prognosticated in a comprehensive way the catastrophic impact of western culture of cohabitation and single parenthood upon the marriage and the family institution of the East in particular of indo-Pak societies A wedlock since is a law of necessity for maintenance of the family and serves as well for the up keep of strong family ties to promote procreation of offspring’s and their perfect grooming



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