Pieces of Green The Sociology of Change in Pakistan: 1964-74
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 By:Akbar S. Ahmed
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 400/=
Description: THE pieces in this collection (essays and poetry ) of green (the color of Pakistan ) and reflect Pakistan and Pakistan life by one of its most brilliant and versatile writers they cover a wide spectrum of both content and style (even including poetry as a form of expression ) and span a period of ten years that varies from Cambridge university to the civil service postings in the plains of the Punjab of the critical days of 1971 in Bengal together the essays and poems offer a feel of Pakistan .  
 About The Author:
Mr. Akbar s. Ahmed is one of Pakistanā€˜s most distinguished and brilliant men of letters there are three aspects of his literary activity the first centers around literature short stories and poetry his poems were selected for the All-Pakistan poetry supplement of the Pakistan quarterly in 1971.Recently he has won a prize in the All-Nations poetry contest in the USA and he has a book of poetry called lines (1971) in print secondly



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