Glorious Years of Pakistan Cricket 1970-1985
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 By:Bashir Khan
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 550/=
Description: IN 1989 I wrote my first book on cricket over to Bashir khan Pakistan in India 1987 it achieved unprecedented success beyond my expectation it was the no 1 best seller in Pakistan and was read with great interest in almost all cricketing nations of the world including India England Australia new Zealand Sri Lanka west indies south Africa Zimbabwe Kenya and even in U.S.A and U.A.E with the growing interest in cricket in all the continents I was deeply touched that there was a significant number of readers in countries like Holland Hong Kong Singapore the Middle East USA and Canada.  
 About The Author:
Bashir khan is not a professional cricket writer I don’t say this to cast aspersions on his credentials but simply TO suggest that he does not make a living from writing about cricket as some of us do He is a bona fide cricket lover an ardent votary and this is even better for his views stem from the passion he feels for the game those of us who belong to the trade are sometimes hindered by a need to detached and quite often are not able to express our opinions without the conditionalities of balanced reporting we are expected to be evenhanded and much as we would like to tell it as we have to resort to circumlocution we have to safeguard our livelihood.



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