Conspiracy Against Pakistan
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 By:Azmat Wali (Alig.)
 Binding:Paper Back
 Price:Rs. 895/=
 About The Author:
Though hailing from Aligarh, Azmat Wali, the author of this book was born on December 28, 1944, at Meerut (UP-India). He completed his education at Aligarh Muslim University. While he was still a student, some of his family members had to migrate to Pakistan and settle in Karachi in 1950s. Late, his elder brother and some other family members moved to U.S.A. for higher education and better future prospect but Azmat Wali remained in Pakistan after completing his education. He started his career as a builder and worked very hard to reach the coveted position of Managing Director (MD) in a well-known construction company while he was about 32 years of age. In addition to his professional life, Azmat Wali is very active in social welfare projects and is also a permanent member of Aligarh Old Boys Association, Karachi.



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