Deciphering Pakistan's Education Riddle
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 By:Wajid Hassan
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Description: BOOK CONTENTS: Preface 1. Introduction 2. Understanding the Causes of Pakistan’s Dismal State of Education 3. Pakistan’s Dilemma of Priorities in Development: Higher Literacy or Civic Sense 4. Comparison between the State of Education in Pakistan with the Rest of the World 5. Brain Drain: Sabotaging Pakistan’s Development 6. Review and Critique on National Policies on Education and Current Constitutional Measures & Legislation 7. State of Women Literacy in Pakistan: Issues and Concerns 8. Role of NGOs in Educating Pakistan: A Sign of Hope 9. Madrassa Educational Systems: A Form of Alternative Education in Pakistan 10. Pakistan’s Academic Institutions and Facilities 11. Higher Education in Pakistan: Status Quo and Future Prospects 12. Faculty Development: Investment in the Human Capital 13. The Bright Prospects and Signs of Progressive Pakistan: Resultant of An Evolving Educational System 14. Recommendations  
 About The Author:
Wajid Hassan is an Engineer by Profession and a political scientist by passion with profound interest in international politics, regional politics of Asia, education, Information Technology and science. Highly cultivated judgment skills, illustrate his capability of managing complex situations from extensive experience in Networks and Electronics Engineering. Mr. Hassan is distinctly recognized for providing technical support and managing troubleshooting and configuration with style. Mr. Hassan is a Ph.D. Fellow in Technology Management at Indiana State University, USA. He earned his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Wichita State University, USA. In recognition of his technical expertise, he was awarded the IEEE-P Gold Medal in the early days of his career. Mr. Hassan also worked on the Government of Pakistan Vision 2030, Satellite Development Project and designed Autonomous Robots as one of his interests. He also served as a lecturer for engineering classes and taught several course. He is working for AT&T, USA for the past six years and is a computer networking enthusiast. He has received advanced computer networking certifications such as Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE) in Service Provider and Data Center.



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