Pakistan Television Drama and Social Change
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 By:Dr. Nasreen Pervaiz
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Description: This beautifully compiled book decorated with the picture’s heritage of all medium of Visual Art ie. Theatre, Film, TV and surly become a classic for its target audience who wants to know the development of transnational cultural studies. TV programs are blamed rightly or extravaganza to wedding ceremonies and entertainment. It indicates that people admit the efficacy of the idit box but hardly and serious study has been done on the impact of electronic media on society in influencing value perceptions, styles of living, use of language and social customs. To the best of my knowledge Nasreen Pervez’s seminal study on the influence of TV drama vis-à-vis social change is the first attempt in Pakistan to seriously tackle the problem.  
 About The Author:
Dr. Nasreen Hussain Pervaiz undoubtedly and deservedly must be appreciated for her remarkable research paper of Ph.D. 1998. She proved herself a genuine Media scholar and candidly say that her these is the first academic study about impact of Television drama on Easter Muslim society of Pakistan will be acknowledged as widely used text an extremely rich and convincing.



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