Karachi in the Mirror of History
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 By:Muhammad Usman Damohi
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Description: Commonly, it is believed that Karachi is a new city and it has no historical background. Actually this misconception arose because of the fact that no deep and detailed research work was made to find out the glorious past of this important city of South East Asia. Fortunately, now it is the first time when a comprehensive, detailed, continuous and factual history of Karachi is being presented before the eager readers by way of the book “Karachi in the Mirror of History”. This book has been prepared after a long, deep and hard research work of ten years by the author. The book unfolds the hidden historical facts of Karachi and its surroundings from pre-historical days to 14th August 1947, covering the Ancient Old Stone Age, the New Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Bronze Age and then the Greeks, the Chuchs, the Arabs, the Tarkhans, the Mughals, the Kalhoras, the Talpurs and lastly the British era. Moveover, the book “Karachiin the Mirror of History” reflects the real historical, political and social events concerning the Kalhora, Talpur and British periods in detail and in continuation. According to the great researcher of Sindh, late Dr. Nabi Bukhsh Baloch, said book contains each and every thing which the readers wished to read about the forgotten past of Karachi.  
 About The Author:
The author, Muhammad Usman Damohi, was born in district Damohi (M.P) India. His family migrated to Pakistan in 1956. He started education and completed B.Com from University of Karachi. he has been taking part in literary activities from his school time. He wrote dramas in his early age and established “Shama Art Circle”. Which staged his first written drama successfully. He wrote scripts fro the most popular PTV programme “Fifty Fifty”. His well researched articles on the life and work of “Mirza Ghalib” were published in the Daily Jang and his favorite topics are social, economic, political and foreign affairs.



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