Is Pakistan a Failed State? This book’s synopsis is Approved by Dr. A. Q. Khan
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 By:Kamil Siddiqi
 Price:Rs. 750/=
Description: Pakistan is a country full of resources and natural bounties; even then rulers of this country go abroad with the begging bowl. They ignore real true issues of the country but continue to propagate non-issues loudly and foolishly. Media have started playing a role not corresponding with their true patriotic responsibilities. The history of Pakistan is being filled with fiction: our heroes being projected as villains. The cost of our ruler’s luxuries is breaking poor man’s back. Much of government responsibilities – provision of health facilities, education, food, shelter and employment to people – are being fulfilled by the more-than forty-five thousand Pakistani non-profitable organizations, including: Edhi, Chhipa, Saylani and Alamgir. There seems to be chaos and great confusion among a segment of our population that has developed a tendency to compare 69-year old Pakistan with 240-year old USA. Resultantly, this segment begins condemning Pakistan as a failed state. To remove the confusion, and to educate the patriotic Pakistani with our true potential, I have brought this edition of the very first book being authored by me. More of my writings shall follow the demand and response this book receives from the readers.  
 About The Author:
Kamil Siddiqi, the author of this book, has been in the teaching profession since 1989. The 27-year teaching experience includes several years of teaching at Karachi Grammar School, and a short experience at Heavy Industries Taxila Education City. Has read conference papers at local as well as international level, and contributed dozens of articles in Daily Dawn and a couple of other magazines. At the time of writing this book, he had been teaching at Hamdard University Karachi since 2001.



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