Balochistan: Victim of Greed or Grievances?
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 By:Dr Muhammad Ihsan Qadir
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Description: Author’s analysis of prevailing situation in Balochistan is very pragmatic and convincing. Role of various internal and external actors in the conflict has been presented in a very logical and persuasive manner. Scrutiny of the role of natural resources of Balochistan and their linkage with the conflict is an absolutely new dimension which has never been explored by any foreign and domestic writer so far. This makes this book unparalleled and unique. Author’s conclusions with respect to the dominance of human greed or grievances are based on in-depth research encompassing different dimensions of life in Balochistan. His recommendations for arresting situation are very pragmatic, realistic and appealing. It seems to be clear that most important attribute under the way forward to address the real problem of Balochistan and to resolve the outstanding conflicts is the firm expression of the political will of the government which should be clearly felt, understood and supported by the people of the province. This will lead towards restoration of confidence which is the basic necessity of any society. I would suggest that people at the helms of the affair at federal and provincial level must make use of these recommendations for lasting peace in Balochistan.  
 About The Author:
Dr Muhammad Ihsan Qadir is a retired naval officer who was commissioned in Pakistan Navy in 1984. He has held various command and staff positions during his 36 years long illustrious career in Pakistan Navy. He is a graduate of PN war College Lahore, Iranian Command and Staff College Tehran and National Defense University Islamabad. He has been faculty member and Chief Instructor at PN War College Lahore. He is a Harvard University alumni for completing Executive Education Program from John F Kennedy School of Public Policy Boston USA. He has been working on various intrastate conflicts confronted by state of Pakistan since long but developed special interest in Balochistan conflict due to its complexity and multiple dimensions. He has extensively written about this conflict in various research journals of national and international repute. He is specializes in intrastate conflicts and has done Doctorate in Balochistan Conflict. Presently, he is serving as Director National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR) at Bahria University Karachi Campus.



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