OCEAN RIFT Memoirs of Admiral Lodhi
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 By:Rear Admiral (R) M.A.K Lodi
 Price:Rs. 750/=
Description: The Author attempted to mention certain facts that are now relevant on Naval Warfare. Mentioning these now, after a lapse of about 32 years since 1971 War with India, is history. The 1965 War was a victory for our Armed Forces. The INDIANS, since then started to build up their Armed Forces with Russian cooperation, During 1971 War they had Russian Missile boats that outranged our naval gun power. The Air support to the Naval Forces was lacking. In spite of it the Navy’s performance was commended by General FAZAL MUQEEM in his book on 1971 war. The events in East Pakistan, now BANGLA DESH, could have been resolved if there was no thirst for Power. I personally, as Martial Law Administrator for ports, found local people most cooperative. Except for die-hard MUKTI BAHINI generally they wished no separation. The INDIANS had planted their agents who worked with the support of the former, helped to destabilize the Government. The Pakistan Armed Forces, particularly the Navy, were deprived of their talented officers by retirement by the Government after 1971 war. This was later pointed out by one officer at an address by Mr. BHUTTO. He replied that everything is possible in a revolution – as it happened in Russia during STALIN’s take over. It is heartening to note that the three services of Pakistan are now well equipped and well trained to counter against any external threat.  



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