A Voice In The Wilderness Memoirs & Reflections
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 By:Muhammad Alam Brohi
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Description: Mr. M. Alam Brohi Highlights the existential Threats faced by Pakistan in its present phase of history and deeply reflects on the urgency with which the current civil and military leaderships should come forward to confront them. His work most of all is a passionate and conscientious call to national duty, patriotism, political prudence, accountability and return to sublime social and moral ethos that we had set for our selves while struggling for independence, enabling this great nation of 180 million people to deal with the courges of correction, extremism, religious and sectarian chaos that is eating into the vitals of his nation today.  
 About The Author:
Muhammad Alam Brohi was born on 24th March 1950. Had his primary education in his native village in the district Larkana and graduated from the University of Sindh in 1973. He qualified the Central superior Services Examination in 1979 and was allocated to the Foreign Service of Pakistan in March 1980. He Served in various positions from Secondary Secretary to Minister Plenipotentiary in Pakistan Missions in Senegal, Niger, United Kingdom and Portugal. He also served as Director and Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was nominated for his first ambassadorial assignment in August 2003 in the Central Asian state of Kyrgyz Republic. He Served in thos position from September 2003 to August 2008 Before moving as Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Sudan. He retired from there on 25th March 2010. He is married and father of Four Children.



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