MEDICO LEGAL DIGEST First Medico-Legal Dictionary
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 By:M. Ilyas Khan (Sr. Advocate Supreme Court) Farah Khan Advocate (Research & Editing)
 Price:Rs. 3000/=
Description: In the year 1968, the First Edition of Legal Terms and Phrases was published which was the first lexicon of Legal Terms and Phrases, Subsequently I attempted to bring latest edition of the book after every five or more than five years. The latest edition of 2013 is in the market. I am of the firm belief that legal lexicon is an important tool of the judges and the lawyers. Keeping that in a mind I thought of brining the first Medico Legal Dictionary of Pakistan with a firm belief that the book would be of a great value to both the Bench and the Bar. An attempt has been made to compile the Medico Legal Digest to bring all the medical terms which are regularly used in the courts of law the their interpretations by our learned judges fortifying the law. Not all the medical terms that one would find between the covers of this book maybe available in a book on legal terms and phrases, neither the authorities cited here could be found in the law dictionary, hence the importance of the book. The cases cited would prove to be of great value to the readers not only in the field of law but also for day to day knowledge about a particular disease. I firmly believe that lawyers practicing not only in the field criminal side but also civil side would be benefitted by the book.  
 About The Author:
Muhammad Ilyas Khan, a Supreme Court Lawyer who specializes in Criminal Law and has earned over fifty years of invaluable service for advocacy in the legal system of Pakistan, remained a visiting faculty lecturer of Hamdard University; represented a number of high profile trials some of which include the murder of Murtaza Bhutto, borther of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto the then prime Minister of Pakistan; the hijacking trial of General (R) Pervez Musharaf as a Special Publci Prosecutor and recently defended (Late) former Chief Minister of Balochistan in the Bugi Murder trial.



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