Permanent Revolution: Managing for Deliverable Democracy
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 By:Syed Mumtaz Saeed
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Description: How can Pakistanis get from Democracy what citizens of developed countries seem to get? This book answers this question by explaining that in Pakistan. Democracy has mostly been conducted as 'a state of affairs' rather than as a 'state of mind'. When conducted as 'a state of mind', Democracy promotes Reason, not personality cults. Democracy conducted merely as 'a state of affairs' deteriorates into government 'of the elites, and for the elites'. The book traces how management techniques have been adopted by the government of the USA, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, etc., to produce 'deliverable Democracy'. It also traces the converse: the development of democratic management techniques for better corporate performance. The book also reviews the management of Pakistanis can fix their Democracy, and make it take root. The author believes the Democracy demands a continuous struggle for improvement and calls the reader to action. In Democracy, effective management at national and enterprise levels is the permanent revolution.  
 About The Author:
Syed Mumtaz Saeed was an internationally re-knowned management expert. His acclaimed book managerial challenge in the third World was published in United State by Praegar Publishers in 1986. Leading american futurologist alvin toffler called it a “Through Provoking Book” in his work Power Shift (1990). Saeed had a lsting association with Pakistan’s Leading business school, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) at Karachi, Where he taugh (1964-67 and 1971-77) and served on the academic board (1974-76 and 2002-08). As a practitioner of management, he served as an excetive of Pakistan’s Largest Bank.



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