Pakistan Under Siege
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 By:Masood H Kizilbash
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Description: After seventy years of its tumultuous existence, Pakistan is a nuclear state, imploding with terrorism and extremism with centrifugal forces pulling it apart. What is its future? To find an answer, the Author delves into political and economic events of over 150 years time-frame between May, 1857 and present day. He draws some independent conclusion from the empirical research different from other authors. He links Pakistan’s present predicament to them. He argues that independence of India and its division into two states- India and Pakistan- on 14th/15th August, 1947 owed largely to rival interests of U.S.A and U.K following the Second World War and only little to indigenous struggle for independence. The Author further argues that despite forecasts of Pakistan’s early demise, it became a viable and functional state within few years of its existence on account of dedication, honesty and hard work of its early leadership of Jinnah and Liaquat. Thereafter, the country lost its moorings under subsequent leaders to embrace its present existential crisis. He is of the view that the course of the events in Pakistan was largely determined by the international power politics. With its weak status and absence of a strong leadership, international actors will continue to buffet Pakistan’s destiny and determine where it lands in future unless a strong leadership emerges to change its course.  
 About The Author:
Masood H Kizilbash is a retired civil servant who held key positions in the federal government in the fields of public finance, planning, local governance and social and human development. The author represented the government of Pakistan at various international forums as an expert. These included Commission for Social Development of the U.N.O, New York in 1997, World Bank, Washington in 1998, in the International Conference on Up-scaling and Mainstreaming Participation of Primary Stakeholders and World Urban Forum-iii of UN-Habitat held in Vancouver in 2006 as an expert. He presented research- orientated papers at these forums. After his retirement he served as a consultant/Advisor in the United Nations Development Program, Swiss International Development Agency, US Agency for International Development and International Parliamentary assisted projects and produced a number of monographs. He also remained associated as a faculty member with Preston University and SAARC Human Development Centre, Islamabad, producing a number of research papers. He has been a regular contributor of Articles to the newspapers including Daily “Dawn” and is the author of three books captioned “Planning and Economic Controls”, “ Education and National Development” and “Quran and the Art of Living”.



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