Almia-e-Mashraqi Pakistan
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 By:Hassan Zaheer
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Description: To understand the seperation of East Pakistan in 1971, it is necessary to put the events of that year in the proper perspective of the unstable relationship between East and West Pakistan From 1947 onwards. Part I of this scholarly study examines the genesis of the federation of East and west Pakistan as a single State, and Analyses the crises which marked relations between its two Wings from 155 August 1947 to the fatal decision to resort to army action on 25 March 1971 as the final solution to Bengali Muslim nationalism. Part II Analyses the disastrous consquences of the 25 March army action. Leading t the second Indo-Pakistan war, and the emergence of the independent state of Bangladesh. Relying on Primary source-Personal experience, Unpublished material, and conversations and interviews with those directly involved in the 1971 crisis-Zaheer has given a dispassionate and thoroughly-documented account of events in the national and international Fronts, culminating in the surrender of the army in East on 16 December 1971.  
 About The Author:
Hassan Zaheer joined the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1954 and served in various district an din the secretariat under the government of former east Pakistan from 1956 to 1962. In may 1971, he was posted to Dhaka again and was in Dhaka at the time of the Pakistan’s Army’s surrender. He remained in Indian custody as a civilian internee unit January 1974. Later, he held the office of secretary of various ministries of the government of Pakistan and retired, in 1990, as cabinet secretary, in which Position he served directly under four prime ministers and two Presidents.



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