Innocent Thoughts - In The Shape Of Poetry
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 By:Syeda Azwa Asif
 Price:Rs. 400/=
Description: The Author: Syeda Azwa Asif started poetry writing at the age of eight. Her poems have been published in many international and national forums. She secured first position amongst all adult poets in poetry contest, organized by, an international poetry contest n year 2014. She loves reading and writing and besides this, she is also working as a young philanthropist. This book is her first effort in her life. She also writes several awareness and tough provoking articles especially for girls. Beside her love of literature she also works as social activist and has received many certificates of recognition. She solemnly loves to work with special needs people and street children, and it’s a rare virtuous quality. Beside her education she also participates in co-curricular activities like taking part in sports. This is her first effort in her life journey, and we wish her every success in her ongoing future aspirations.  



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