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 By:Lynette Viccaji
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Description: The Author: Lynette Viccaji was born in Karachi where she has lived her whole life except for six years spent in the Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtookkhuwa. She has been putting her B.Ed and Masters degree in English Literature to use for over thirty years. She married Ardeshir Viccaji in 1981 and has a son, two daughters and at least four assorted animals at any given time. The Book: Part of the first generation to be born in the new state Of Pakistan, Lynette Viccaji grew up with her country. Here she recounts some of her life experience: a childhood in the backwaters of a colony in Gizri, a youth in the heart of her Catholic community, marriage and a move to Jhelum and Akora Khattak and finally, settling into a villa by the sea Entertaining stories f amateur theatricals and adventures with young friends at home, student-Life, teaching at various schools, and returning to college to get a B.Ed degree are interwoven with her experiences as a wife and mother to three children and various animals. All of this takes place against the background of the city of Karachi. It is something of a record of changing times, and a world that is almost lost.  



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