Wisdom From The Quran - Essays In Contemporary Context
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 By:Nilofar Ahmed
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Description: The Author: Nilofar Ahmed was a Fulbright Scholar in the 1960’s, and has two Masters degrees in English Literature. Her deep interest in religion led her to research into the Quran and traditional Islamic scholarship for several decades, Leading her to benefit from both Islamic and western knowledge. Her column on Islam in Dawn newspaper earned great popularity in Pakistan as well as internationally. Non-Muslims eager to learn about Islam as well as the Muslim Diaspora struggling to practice their faith in new contexts, took keen interest. She was advised to publish the essays in book form, for which she expanded the existing essays as well as added some more to complete this collection. The Book: The Themes of these essays relate to discussions and debates prevalent in society from the viewpoint of the Quran, hadith and established religious scholarship. The author goes straight t the primary sources which shed light on the actual requirements vis a vis the traditionally ingrained values and practices prevalent in society. The Sections of the book cover a wide range of topics. These include the real meaning behind spiritual concepts, historical political precedents of the prophet (pbuh), environmental responsibility, human rights, various aspects of marriage, and the stories of the prophets (Peace be upon them all), told in the Quran as moral tales for tee edification of all of humanity. Revisiting these subjects was the need of the hour.  



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