Global Wrong!
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 By:Zulfiqar Ali Jessani
 Price:Rs. 400/=
Description: The Author: Academic Consultant, Social activist, writer, poet and public speaker, admired for his critique on changing socio-political norms. Associated with modern globalization. The Book: If this book is in your hands that means you have exercised your right to choose. I assure you, you won’t have to repent your choice. The focus of the book is not theology, but humanology. Man is the measure of everything, therefore from democracy to development, and from education to globalization, underpinning is the quest to know and to find out what public good, if any, has been achieved through it. Its emphasis is more on connectivity with humanity than with divinity. It does not mean that it is an anti- religious material. Not at all! The point I’ve tried to make is to do something good for humanity is essential to experience the good of divinity. The attitude of adoring God and ignoring His creation is the major cause of suffering we are witnessing all around. Millions of people are gathered in Vatican, Mecca and do yatras (religious journeys) all over the world to show their love for the Lord. “This is a book written straight from the heart-earnest, sincere and passionate. The author looks at a world hurtling into an certain future, decries its crass materialism and yearns for a past that has vanished forever. A strong critique of today’s social conditions where class differences are being accentuated, commercialization is stripping us of our humanity and technology is dictating our lives – Pervez Amirali Hodboy”  



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