Renaissance and Reformation of Islamic Society - Need for Revival and Development of
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 By:Wajih-uddin Siddiqui
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 795 /=
Description: ISMAMIC society once highly vibrant innovative and progressive leading the world in virtually all branches of human activity for 500 years suddenly decided to commit a sort of intellectual suicide in the thirteenth century since then it has been descending in to various phases decline and degeneration losing in the process the central ethos of its classic period such as confidence creativity and pluralism today Islamic society is amongst the most Backward rife with medieval social practices ruled by obsolete and oppressive systems of government and plagued by unenlightened dogmatic & extremist views in its religious beliefs.  
 About The Author:
MR Wajiuddin Sidddiqui the author of Renaissance Reformation of Islamic society is the son of Muhammad Ismail Siddiqui who was a professor of geography at Government college Bareilly up India after having graduated from Ali Garh University the Author was born in Varanas in 1926. MR Wajiuddin Siddiqui’s paternal grandfather who my maternal grandfather sufi Muhammad Ishaq was a sufi saint of the chishti silsila after retirement form the post Telegraph Department at luck now sufi Muhammad Ishaq lived the rest of his life and buried at the chist silsila shrine of bholipura near Allahabad U.P at the confluence of the Rivers Ganges and Jumna An annual Urs is held for sufi Muhammad Ishaq.



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