Nuclear Policy Of The United States In South Asia
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 By:S Tabassum
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 595/=
Description: THE Nuclear policy of the United states had been adopted on two parallel tracks on one hand it was non proliferation of nuclear weapons with a backgrounds of fear and guilt of the use of nuclear bomb and on the other hand it was nuclear proliferation of friendly states.  
 About The Author:
Shaista Tabassum is affiliated with Department of international relations University of Karachi as Assistant processor a position holder in B.A (Hons) and gold medalist in M.A completed her PhD in 2000 from the same department she has contributed articles in books and journals and has also participated in number of international conferences to include the workshop on ‘Defeance, Technology and Cooperative security in south Asia’. shanghai Keeping the peace in Asia Singapore international visitors program of us state Department on us foreign policy in south Asia she has also completed summer course on public international Law’, at the Hague Academy of international law the Hague and also participated in the UN fellowship program on on international law at the international Court of justice.



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