Perceptions of Islam and Muslims in Europe
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 By:Moonis Ahmar
 Binding:Hard Cover
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Description: No religion permits violence, aggression, persecution and discrimination against people humanity and equality form the basis of every religion. It is the followers of religion who are responsible for augmenting religious polarization, schism, intolerance, extremism and violence. Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as the three holy religions, have also their following in Europe and in the Muslim world but then why is it so that all the three religious communities are in conflict, particularly on the issue of Jerusalem and there is no consensus on their part for preventing the surge of religious intolerance extremism, radicalization and terrorism. There is no conflict between Islam and Christianity as the two religions, which have a following of the majority of people of Europe, have religious freedom. That Muslims are free to go to mosques and religious schools till the time, intolerance, hate and negative things are not propagated against other faiths from such places of worship and religious learning.  
 About The Author:
Moonis Ahmer is working as director. area study center for Europe university of Karachi and professor, department of international relations He also Director program on peace studies and conflict resolution He speciazes in conflict Resolution and confidence building Measures in the regions of central Asia Middle East and south Asi



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