Modernization and Social Change
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 By:Amin Valliani
 Binding:Paper Back
 Price:Rs. 395/=
Description: The Present study is the result of my research study undertaken as a professional Alwaez, during the last twenty five years of regular service under the ITREB (Pakistan). During the period, I have visited almost all major Ismaili centres of Pakistan and met numerous senior members of the community who were Ismaili community of Pakistan is vibrant in many sectors of development, but little is known about its history, internal makeup, institutional framework and evolving shape to outside world.  
 About The Author:
Amin Valliani is a professional Alwarez connected with ismaili Tariqah and religious Education Board [ITREB] PAKITAN since 1984 this book is based on his in-service fled work tours and research about the ismaili community of Pakistan undertaken during last twenty five years it was submitted to Hamdard university Karachi as a course requirement for award of phD degree The author has also contributed numerous articles on various subjects which have been published in national magazines and periodical



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