Ali Brothers - The Life and Times of Maulana Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali
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 By:Khalid Ali
 Binding:Hard Cover
 Price:Rs. 2500/=
Description: Maulana Mohammad Ali, Shaukat Ali, and their mother, Bi Amman, played an important role in the freedom movement against the British Imperialism in South Asia, which culminated in the creation of two separate states-India and Pakistan-albeit not in their lifetimes. Interestingly enough, these brave freedom fighters were outright champions of Hindu-Muslim unity who urged the Hindus and the Muslims to rise against their mutual hatred and prejudices, and fight together in the struggle for independence from the British Like the great Quaid, they were the ambassadors of Hindu-Muslim Unity. The tide of history, however, swept aside divide with the blood of the innocent in the Partition. Ali Brothers, however, did not live to witness the holocaust. Mohammed Ali died on January 4, 1931, while participating in the first Round back to a salve country… and if you do not give us freedom in India, you will have to give me a grave here. True to his word, he died in London and was buried in Jerusalem. Shaukat Ali died in Delhi on November 27, 1938. Ali Brothers were indefatigable fighters in the cause of India’s freedom. They lived homage and tribute to them, It is a comprehensive account of the life and times of the pioneering duo of the freedom movement. It is a treatise on the epic battle of freedom, featuring its two bravest warriors. The book is not just a biography of Ali Brothers, is the story of an era, of a people and their dreams, which gives us our identity and inspires us to rise up to the challenges of the present and the future.  
 About The Author:
Mr. Khalid Ali was born in a stormy period when his grand –father and grand –uncle had been thrust in Karachi jail because of their role in the freedom struggle He was educated at Rampur and the Aligarh Muslim university and Worked as a journalist in India and Pakistan. He joined the government service after independence and retired in a senior position.



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